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Learning about Raggae and Dancehall.

Dancehall and reggae music has made a great impact on the lives of many societies. It is widely listened to in many countries around the world. Dancehall music originates from the 70s and is a popular style of music in jamaica. Raggae music is known to be more reformed originates from the 60s. It first originated from jamaica and soon grew to other parts of the world. Raggae music is known for its slow rhythms and refined styles. Raggae and dancehall music has impacted the cultures of the world. Learn more of the origins of reggae and dancehall music.

Raggae and dancehall music is discussed and based upon its performers. Music influencers that have made marks after the release of new albums, and how the music has impacted the music culture. Influencers like King Addies whose music and albums are appreciated by society and fans all around the world. Many DJs gain fame from how they hype new content and albums in the music scene.

The Dancehall and reggae music recordings are made unique by the words being written again and the original artist of the track saying out the influencer or DJs name. Fans use Dj names to make references of their favorite song hits or artists this makes the Dj more famous. The memorizing of the dancehall and reggae music makes it to become famous.

The DJs that play dancehall and reggae tunes play a seductive rhythm that involves them speaking in the midst of playing the music. The process of speaking over music play was founded by an influencer in the 70s who was speaking while playing the music. The speaking over playing music si also seen in the hip hop culture.

Dancehall rhythm is known to be a bit faster than the reggae tunes. It s sometimes characterized by drumming which is used in place of acoustics. The lyrics of dancehall is explicit and raunchy.

Dj yellowman transitioned from reggae to dancehall music in the 80s and the music was played in the club. The dance hall music contained raunchy content. The music display of Dj yellowman was done to criticize the political failure of socialism in jamaica.

Computerized beats were developed in the 80s. As time went by explicit content that included weapon talks and slack in the lyrics took over the playlists of the dancehall DJs.

The growth of dancehall and reggae tones has increased since the 70s. Raggae artist cover issues affecting the world today. Dancehall music is a bit explicit with its content covering weapons and wealth.

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